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Skin lesions are abnormal growths that can become unsightly and even uncomfortable if they’re in an area where friction occurs. But with the help of Richard Mohr III, MD, of Family Medicine and Mohr in Florence, South Carolina, you can undergo an in-office skin lesion removal and restore your even-toned complexion. Book your skin lesion evaluation online, or call the clinic directly to book an appointment by phone.

Skin Lesion Removal Q & A

What are skin lesions?

Skin lesions may include growths you’ve had since birth or skin irregularities you’ve developed as an adult. Some of the most common benign skin lesions that men and women have include:

  • Moles
  • Warts
  • Papules  
  • Nodules 
  • Freckles  
  • Birthmarks 

In some cases, acne leads to abnormal growths, too. For instance, you can develop painful pustules, which are pus-filled lesions. Without proper treatment, pustules and similar growths can lead to embarrassing acne scars. 

What is a skin lesion removal?

Family Medicine and Mohr proudly offers skin lesion removal services for many types of unusual skin growths. Dr. Mohr often removes skin lesions for cosmetic purposes. He also provides skin lesion removal for medical purposes, like if you have a mole that’s prone to irritation because it’s in a fold of your skin. 

Dr. Mohr may recommend an excision or a cryotherapy procedure, as described below. 


An excision procedure involves physically removing the skin lesion. Dr. Mohr thoroughly numbs your treatment area with an injection and uses a sharp surgical razor-like tool to remove the growth. Depending on the size of the growth, you may or may not need stitches afterward. 


Cryotherapy involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin lesion. This treatment destroys targeted tissues and allows healthier new skin tissue grows in the skin lesion’s place. 

Is skin lesion removal painful?

You may feel some slight stinging or burning at the beginning of your skin lesion removal. This minor issue resolves in just a few seconds as your skin numbs due to the anesthetic injection or liquid nitrogen.

Dr. Mohr specializes in advanced skin lesion removal techniques, so you can expect little-to-no discomfort and minimal (if any) scarring. After your skin lesion removal, Dr. Mohr counsels you about how to care for the treated area at home. He may schedule you for a follow-up exam or a telemedicine visit to ensure you’re healing properly.

If you need a skin lesion removal, contact Family Medicine and Mohr for in-office care. You can book an appointment through the website or over the phone.